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Why start to walk?

Recreational walking is a path to an active / energetic lifestyle !

It is then also:

♦ The expression of a healthy way of life 
♦ A sensible approach to get rid of problems
♦ Quality family time
♦ A support for a slimming diet
♦ A good form of team building

Categories walking sport

Within the walking sport there are three categories:

1. The recreational group within the walking sports federations in Belgium

There are the recreational walkers who find pleasure in the walking sport as relaxation.

Relevant websites:  /

2. Sportive walking
Sportive walking (= power walking) is in every way a challenge for sportive people facing themselves.

The target is to shift/ to move your own limits and to enter into the fight with yourself. It's beside the point which speed you have chosen: 5 – 6 of 7 km per hour. But if you participate in this, it will stimulate you to reach the time limit calculated in function of the chosen speed and distance.

Website concerned:

3. Race walking within the domain of athletics

Well-known examples of race walking are the Centurion in England and the race walk competitions “great fond 200 km” in France.

Challenges & kicks of the walking sport

Your challenge in the walking sport: the Centurion in England !

Be sure to pay a visit to the inspiring sportsite of the Belgian Walking Association =


You are young and you are looking for a healthy and a sportive challenge: choose then the kick of race walking “great fond”!

Statement BWA

If the walking sport had not existed, then they had to be invented !

                               BWA moves, move with us.