Why choose for power walking?

Power walking:

♦ Is an ideal outdoor sport for the building and the conservation of a good physical condition;

♦ Has a favourable, beneficial effect on the mental and physical health and thus guarantees a better quality of life;

♦ Is an efficient training for the strengthening of the mental power: it increases the self-confidence, it leads to inner calm and lucidity of mind, it stimulates the concentration, it develops the mental capacity and finally it improves the resistance towards stress and reverses;  

♦ Creates a special pleasant feeling of fitness and satisfaction through intensive effort and training;

♦ Is not a risky sport: there are no injuries by direct contact with the opponent and there is no danger for heavy falls;

♦ Is the best natural solution for the prevention of illnesses and in particular for respiratory diseases;

♦ Offers the opportunity to discover picturesque villages and to admire pretty landscapes;

♦ Is compatible with other sports (running, football, tennis, fitness, swimming, mountaineering...).