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Via our platform – an international  sportsite in 4 languages – the Board of Management BWA would like to inform on an advanced/progressive way the visitors, in particular the long distance walkers, about a good structured World Centurion ranking, a unique World ranking 200 km Race walk men & 24 hour Race walk women, rational trainings plans, important international walking events…                                                                                                                                                                              In this way we would develop a network to create a closer solidarity and collaboration between the long distance walkers worldwide and/or to stimulate the mutual contacts.

We will also bring newsflashes about our own organizations as the "Tour of Flanders Walk" with reports, interviews… rich illustrated with photo- and video material.

Dear visitor, we wish you in the meantime many new impressions during your visit at the site and especially much success with the realization of your sport's objectives.

The Board of Management BWA

RIP << Dave Boxall C-464 >>

RIP << Dave Boxall C-464 >>

Placed at 27/01/2023


Chinese walker Yang Jiayu breaks women's 20km walk world record

Chinese walker Yang Jiayu breaks women's 20km walk world record

Placed at 26/03/2021

Yang Jiayu set a new world record in the women's 20km race walk with a time of 1 h 23' 49" at the Chinese Race Walking Championships in Huangshan.