The Champ Pyramid

Introductory remarks

Dr. Joost De Maeseneer is no doubt the founder of the professional accompaniment of racing cyclists. He was asked by different formal international cycling organizations to be at the head of their medical teams.

From his academic education, his competence and experience dr. De Maeseneer has developed the prestigious CHAMP-pyramid model for the coaching of top-class sportsmen.

The concept CHAMP get for:

P = Physical talent
M = Mental fundament
A = Athletic development
H = Helpful environment
C = Circumstances

Only by a sufficient presence of these distinctive characteristics, can the body of a sportsman develop itself to its maximum.

The model will be also applied now in the trade and industry to lead sales managers to a higher performance level.


The food supplement Maqilen (*) that falls under the classification “Helpful environment” is an important part inside this pyramid.

(*) see product description in de top navigation please.

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