Start to walk 

 Recreational walking is:
♦ a path to an active and a healthy lifestyle  
♦ a sensible approach to get rid of problems
♦ quality family time
♦ a support for a slimming diet
♦ a good form of team building

Active lifestyle

 Advantages of an active lifestyle
Who wants to go through life healthy will have to move or exercise regularly.
The slogan BWA is then also: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”
The advantages of exercise are so obvious:
♦ it gives you more energy and vitality
♦ it improves your form: you will feel fitter and you have as a result a better mood
♦ it keeps your weight under control
♦ you sleep better 
♦ you run less risk on health problems (cancer, diabetes, heart-and vascular diseases...)
♦ the self-confidence increases (= a better self-image)  
The advice of the BWA
Regularly experience the healthy open air to calm down but also to combat or diminish mental  problems or complaints. Fresh air and exercise in a natural environment does a lot of good. 
Take sometimes your family for a relaxing forest walk: in nature you can relax rapidly and you will also better understand the importance of a healthy living environment.  
Limit the time that you spend in front of a screen (laptop, tv, iPad...) to a maximum of 2 hour a day.
As amateur sportsman/ walker do not use vitamin supplements or energy drinks because if you eat and drink healthy you don't really need these resources (only when practicing sports intensively).

A sensible approach to get rid of problems

If you have dark thoughts due to bad luck and/or other problems, then recreational walking will help you.
An explanation:
While walking you get lucid thoughts and your problems will be relieved/ diminish and disappear to the background.
Things begin to look brighter and especially, you will be able to put the problems into perspective and/or to accept them better. 

Quality family time

Through recreational walking you can together:
♦ leave behind for just a moment the daily things or troubles;
♦ hold a cordial talk with your partner: you can talk calmly about events at work or in the family and make new holiday plans; but also matters could easier be talked out with each other;
♦ enjoy undisturbed the beauty and the silence of nature: you can listen to the songs of the birds and enjoy the pleasant fragrance of flowers and plants;
♦ keep fit and mobile/active in a sensible way.

Support for a slimming diet

Walking is a good support for each slimming diet: 3 x ½ hour a week is mostly sufficient. 

Team building

Companies that will improve the performances and with it the linked results of their employees  through a good cooperation and a pleasant work climate can, in these times of crises, attain their objective by covering a nature track of about for example 20 to 30 km as a team.
After all it is proved that a lot of people get new, clear and creative ideas while walking. Furthermore this exercise/ practice will also create a relaxing atmosphere and a feeling of satisfaction within the team and therefore it would be an appropriate opportunity for conducting    in-depth business discussions and/or for taking important policy decisions.
For successful team building companies don't always need to stay in a mysterious castle or in an expensive luxury hotel !
The slogan of the BWA for companies: Get good, original ideas and especially, make the right decisions for your company
                                                               through a successful team event = Walking !