Categories walking sport

One can distinguish three important categories in the walking sport:

a) The recreational group

b) Sportive walking (sports walking)

c) Race walking (performance walking)

I. The recreational group within the walking sports federations in Belgium

There are the recreational walkers who find pleasure in the walking sport.

Exercise through walking is at present a necessity for everyone because it leads to inner calm and it is undoubtedly an efficient means against worries and stress.
It gives people a fresh view on the reality and it supplies the necessary power and energy to say “yes” to life.

The model concept of the walking sport =

“Free individual or family walking at your own rhythm and by free distance choice on accurately marked out nature trails in Belgium”

undoubtedly meets the expectations of the recreational- and/or casual walkers.

You can walk on a self traced out track in your region. But you can also make use of the accurately marked out nature trails of walking associations that you can cover at your own rhythm and by free choice of distance.
Furthermore the participants get opportunities for easy social contacts.

Your walking calendars: Walking in Belgium & Calendar F.B.S.P.


II. Sportive walking (group 2)

Sportive or sports walking is undoubtedly a fantastic initiative of the Belgian federation Aktivia that should be further encouraged.

The initiate for sportive walking is the addition of a competitive element to the walking sport and is in every way a challenge for sportive people facing themselves.

The target is to shift/ to move your own limits and to enter into the fight with yourself. It's beside the point which speed you have chosen: 5 – 6 of 7 km per hour. But if you participate in this, it will stimulate you to reach the time limit calculated in function of the chosen speed and distance.

Website concerned:

III. Race walking within the domain of athletics

Well-known exampels of race walking are the Centurion in England and the race walk competitions “great fond 200 km” in France.

An explanation: great fond =  very long distance

It puts the sportsmen in the picture and enhances a qualitative image of the walking sport.

You are young and you are looking for a healthy and a sportive challenge: choose then for the kick of race walking “great fond”!