Цель BWA

The association has as objective:

♦ Promotion of the walking sport – competitive & not competitive – to the new generations through publicity campaigns at the target groups (schools, youth clubs, important sports events, festivals...) that to increase efficiency are supported by a good structural sportsite and the use of high-quality promotion material;
♦ Realisation of our ambition to grow into an international platform for the promotion of the  competitive & the not competitive walking sport;
♦ To revalorise the image of the walking sport to the youth and the young families by the development and the installation of the inspiring sportsite of the Belgian Walking Association on the Internet;
♦ To offer a well-tended platform for a good outgoing communication to the press;
♦ The presentation of a professional weblog in the website BWA for the management and the reproduction of the sports achievements of the walkers and the pilgrims;
♦ To create a closer solidarity and collaboration between the long distance walkers on the fixed continent and worldwide;
♦ To form an efficient project group for the possible organizing of race- and/or long distance walking events in Belgium.