Your challenge in the Alps
the climb of the majestic Matterhorn (4.478 m) in Switzerland !

Other similar objectives: the climb of the Weisshorn (4.505 m) and the Dent Blanche (4.357 m)


General condition

The climb of the Matterhorn via the Hornli ridge is linked with 3 essential conditions:
♦ A good physical condition
♦ Assistance of a mountain guide
♦ Physical and mental comfort
Technical degree of difficulty of the climb: D+ (= difficult+)

Good physical condition

The basis for the building and the conservation of a good physical condition is 'Long distance walking', abbreviated LDW.
Obviously there is also the specific training 1 to 2 weeks before the undertaking of the climb.
The specific training consists of the making of mountain hut walks in the Alps.
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The climb will be done in a cordée of 2 men under the leadership of a local mountain guide.
Furthermore it is necessary to be well equipped against sudden weather alterations and/or against heavy weather in the mountains.

Physical and mental comfort

Physical and mental relaxation before the climb: they could be found through a stay in a family hotel with quiet and comfortable rooms at an acceptable price.
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